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Tips KesehatanContoh Report Teks. Report Teks adalah teks yang bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan sesuatu pada umumnya, yang meliputi berbagai hal / benda yang ada di alam, buatan manusia, dan fenomena sosial yang terjadi. Teks report berisi serangkaian fakta yang logis, tanpa ada keterlibatan pribadi (pendapat pribadi) penulis.

|| General Classification ||  
          Jellyfish are not really fish. They are invertebrate animals. This means that unlike fish or people, they have no bones at all.

|| Description of Body|| 
          Jellyfish have stomachs and mouths, but no heads. They have nerveous systems for sensing the world around them, but no brains. They are made almost entirely of water, which is why you can look through them.

|| Description of Habit || 
         Some jellyfish can glow in darkness by making their own light. The light is made by a chemical reaction inside the jellyfish. Scientists believe jellyfish glow for several reasons. For example, they may glow to scare away predators or to attract animals they like to eat

|| Description of habitation || 
        Most jellyfish live in salt water, apart from a few types that live in fresh water. Jellyfish are found in oceans and seas all over the world. They live in warm, tropical seas and icy wates near the North and South poles.

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Contoh Report Teks