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Rovio Entertainment ltd also released Angry birds for Mac OS X. There are two version only Angry Birds game for for Mac. The Mac version is completed this Game platform.  In the Mac App Store, there are Angry Birds classics and Angry Birds Rio only. The game-play in this game, I think is same as other version of angry bird game. You must challenge the bad boys. In the Angry bird classic is the Pig and on the Angry birds Rio the bad boys it the monkey.
To buy and download these Angry Birds game version, you may need iTunes application. Angry birds games for Mac requires minimal Mac OS X 10.6.6, is better if you use newest Mac OS version.
Angry Birds for Mac

Buy and Download Angry Birds Game for Mac

A. Angry Birds Classic for Mac
Angry Birds classic s first version of angry birds game. Now, there are more than 280 levels on this game version. Normal price this game is $4.99. You can buy and download Angry Birds for Mac here: Angry Bird Classic for Mac
B. Angry Birds Rio for Mac
The Mac version of Angry bird Rio now found on 120 exciting levels. Like the PC’s, Android and other version, the background of Angry Birds Rio for Mac is still Rio de Janeiro. The Angry Birds Rio for Mac can be purchased from here: Angry Birds Rio for Mac
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Download Angry Birds for Mac